Nanny-Time employs a staff of the most caring, dedicated and professionally trained Nannies available on the Emerald Coast. We provide on-call Nanny Service at your vacation destination designed to accommodate your schedule. You can expect reliable professional care combined with fun and entertainment for your children.


What’s Important To You…Is Very Important To Us.

Let’s face it, whether you are a first time parent with an infant or an experienced parent with a family of little rascals, the concerns are the same:

  • Who is this person I am leaving my child with?
  • Are they professional and can I trust them with my children?
  • Are they trained for emergency situations?
  • Can they handle my kids and keep things under control?

You can rest assured when you leave your little ones with our Nannies for a  few hours or a full day, they are in professional, secure and loving hands that will tend to all of their various needs. Nanny-Time checks the background  on all their employees and conducts a detailed history on every Nanny to verify if they are even qualified for our extensive training program. Nanny-Time is very serious about the upstanding character of our personnel and the ethically moral conduct they live by.

Nanny-Time Nannies are enrolled in our Certified Nanny Protocol Curriculum. Nanny-Time begins with Certification in CPR, Medical Emergency Response and First Aid Administration. Classes providing information and response to children with:

  • Food  Allergies, ADD & ADHD, and Special Needs
  • Short course in Basic Child Psychology and Emotional Interpretation
  • Classes providing Educational and Social Entertainment appropriate for age group

At Nanny-Time, We Create Lasting Memories!