Where Adventure Begins!

Nanny-Time plans special activities
that match the interest of your child.

Your kids excitement will soar,
When their Nanny walks through the door,
With crafts and movies and a whole lot more!

When they dress as a pirate, a princess or cowboy,
We will fill their imagination with laughter and joy!

It’s play-time at the beach feeling happy and proud,
Flying a kite so high it’s touching the clouds!

After a long day of fun and collecting seashells we find,
It’s back to house to wash away all the grime,
then get ready for dinner and movie-time!

Our glow sticks and bracelets will lull them to bed,
where hugs are given and storybooks are read!

Then cuddled and cozy all snuggled in,
they fall asleep with lasting memories
of the wonderful day it has been!

And when they arise the next morning to play
Their first words will be, “Is Nanny coming today?”