How do I reserve a Nanny?
Click on “Book Now” to check availability, make your reservation and schedule your Nanny. Fill out our quick questionnaire about all of your children for whom we will be providing care.  Please call to speak with a Nanny-Time representative if you have questions or special needs.

What are your fees?
Nanny-Time is very proud to offer the highest quality and professionally trained Nannies on the Emerald Coast.  Being the best doesn’t make us the most expensive, though.  We are very competitive with our fee schedule because we want to earn your business. Our hourly rates start at $30 per hour and we have a 4 hour minimum.

Do you offer a discounted rate for extended services?
Yes. Families that use Nanny-Time childcare services for 25 hours or more during their stay get a 10% discount on their total bill.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept  American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal.

What about tipping?
Thanks for asking!  Although tipping is not required, like any personal service, it is greatly appreciated.  You may certainly include a tip on your credit card total, but cash tips are preferred.

Are your Nannies hands-on for outdoor activities?
Absolutely! Our Nannies bring a swim bag for the pool or beach that includes a swimsuit, towel, sunscreen and their little black whistle so everyone stays safe and follows the rules! All Nanny-Time Nannies are trained water-guards and are certified in CPR & Emergency Medical Response.

What are the hours available to hire a Nanny?
Great question!  When do you need us? Some vacationers will come to our beautiful Gulf and charter a boat for a day of  fishing. If you know anything about fishing then you know you have to be on the docks and ready to depart by 5:00 am!  We’re talking early…but don’t worry…our Nanny will be there before daylight so you can head out to the boat, and have breakfast ready when the kids wake up! Remember, book us in advance and we’ll bring the bagels and donuts! Likewise, if your original intention was just a night out for dinner but then a great band comes on stage and you start dancing the night away, we’ve got it covered and we’ll keep the light on for you!

Do your Nannies arrive at our location with their own transportation?
Yes. Our Nannies will arrive to your home, resort, or hotel in their own transportation.  Nanny-Time Nannies are state licensed and insured and carry cell phones for text updates and communication with parents.

Do you offer bilingual Nannies?
Nanny-time tries to accommodate all client requests for a native language speaking Nanny, especially those who are vacationing from abroad.  Advanced notice is required for such requests and we will do our best to send a Nanny that speaks your child’s language. One thing is for sure…love, toys, music and laughter will always be the universal language with all kids!

Do you offer Mannies?
Yes!  We are proud to say we have some upstanding young men on staff with Nanny-Time. Many are working their way through college and some have already graduated and are teaching in our local schools during the school year and working with Nanny-Time during the summer! Several families prefer the athletic and wholesome male role model that our Mannies provide for their kids.  So when they’re playing soccer, zip lining, or riding go carts… rest assured that our Manny Coach is keeping your team in line!

Are your Nannies trained for special needs children?
Yes. Nanny-Time Nannies provide care for many special needs children. Please let us know your specific needs and how we can help.

Do you have Nannies that will travel with our family?
Yes. Nanny-Time offers Travel-Time Nannies! Whether you need a Nanny to accompany you on a 5 day cruise to the Islands or if you’re headed to Italy for 2 weeks, Nanny-Time Nannies are packed and ready to go. Our Nannies are trained in cruise and air passage to entertain and care for your children on cruise ships and long oversea flights.

More Questions?

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